The Colour Box Studio Disposable Camera Project



Creator / Project Coordinator

The Colour Box Studio Disposable Camera Project
Melbourne-wide; Exhibition at Ruffian Gallery, West Footscray
20 September - 14 October 2014

The Disposable Camera Project is a Melbourne-wide participatory photography project in which participants received a disposable camera for 24 hours only, after which Colour Box Studio developed, printed and exhibited all photos in a large-scale exhibition.

The 2014 edition of the project included an exhibition of feature images, specially curated by Colour Box Studio and Ruffian Gallery, as well as professional judging, a People’s Choice Award and prizes. Participants photographed a diverse range of subject matter, including abstract urban landscapes, trips to local beaches, animal portraits and more.

The Disposable Camera Project provided a non-intimidating access point to photography, allowed its participants to get lost in the unexpected beauty of the world around them, and revealed their capacity for creativity. 

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Not only did I have a fantastic time taking photos around the city, I saw things I had not noticed before and I found areas to explore that I did not know were there.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience within the CBSDCP. It allowed me an excuse to adventure with my friends to new places and see those experiences shared with the Melbourne community.
Probably the only opportunity ever to have my work in an exhibition!
CBSDCP is a lovely exercise in renouncing control over the creative process. It’s such a joy to be given the opportunity to remember that we don’t need to be so purposeful in everything we do.
I loved feeling like I was part of a creative community and being able to see everyone’s work come together.
— Participants in the 2014 Disposable Camera Project



Images of Colour Box Studio Disposable Camera Project exhibition launch courtesy of Amie Batalibasi.