The One - Melbourne Fringe Festival


Kristina anticipated the needs of creatives during and beyond the production. Kristina demonstrates ambition, and, positively, has a ‘yes, let’s!’ attitude, assisting the creative process by enabling rather than impeding big ideas.
— Shannon Loughnane, Creator/Performer, The One

Project description: The One
Brunswick Mallet Sports Club
Melbourne Fringe Festival, 16-24 September 2016


The One is an intimate, immersive theatre piece which premiered at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Seven audience members are gathered for their ‘uncanny instincts’ by Joe Kovac, Deputy Sheriff of Clear Haven County, Minnesota. Bemused, befuddled but warm as heck, Joe offers them a cup of coffee and a donut before he tells them why they’re here: "Someone’s gone wanderin’, and by the grace o’ Gosh, you might know where they’ve got to."

The scattered evidence is presented, piece by piece, in ways ancient and strange, as Joe and the audience begin to resolve - or complicate - a picture of the missing person. Who were they? Where’d they go? And might someone amongst us have an unexpected connection to the missin’? 

Paying homespun homage to Twin Peaks and Fargo, through massage, ASMR, taste, touch and smell; The One ponders the specialness of the individual, their untapped depths and the psychic network that possibly connects us all.


Creative Team

Creator/Performer    Shannon Loughnane
Dramaturg/Outside Eye    Cathy Hunt
Producer    Kristina Arnott
Design - Image, crest and town model    Robert Alexander Smith
Videography    Luke Fazekas



Urinals, bomb shelters and change rooms: Melbourne Fringe's strange locations - The One, John Bailey, The Age, 11 September 2016

A Really Cool Little Adventure - Eleanor Boydell, Buzzcuts, 11 August 2016



My role: Producer



I came on board as Producer for The One in May 2016, supporting the team with my organisational, fundraising and marketing skills, and contributing to a successful season which sold out a week before opening night.

In addition to spearheading a successful crowdfunding campaign, my main responsibility prior to the season was to ensure internal and external deadlines were met, so that creatives could concentrate on the creative process.  This included sourcing props and costumes, confirming venue and insurance agreements, managing budgets, and meeting Melbourne Fringe Festival deadlines for the provision of marketing copy and media kits.

I managed communication between artists, festival staff, sponsors, suppliers, and media, and lead the team's marketing efforts.  I negotiated with Melbourne Fringe ticketing staff to organise pre-show communication with ticket holders and VIPs that gave them their first step into the world of The One while also providing important information about the show.

I supported each performance with a calm, methodical and friendly approach, and enjoyed playing my part within the small but talented team behind The One


Melbourne Fringe's Compass Program

While producing The One, I participated in Melbourne Fringe's Compass professional development and mentoring program for emerging producers.  I attended weekly practical training and networking sessions with 11 other participants, while receiving support and advice from a mentor, Jude Anderson (Punctum Inc.).




Videography and images of The One showing by Luke Fazekas.