Wyndham Arts Activate Program - Colour Box Studio


I was very impressed with the learning environment that Colour Box Studio facilitated and their capacity to empower local artists to prepare for and deliver multi-faceted workshops.
— Rahima Hayes, Arts Activation Officer, Wyndham City Council

Project description: Wyndham Arts Activate Program
Colour Box Studio x Wyndham City Council
June-September 2015, June-August 2016

The Wyndham Arts Activate Program provides small groups of emerging artists living or working within the City of Wyndham with training to create, market and facilitate creative workshops based on the artists' practices.

Facilitated by Colour Box Studio over a period of several months, the Activate program comprises a series of workshops around lesson planning and delivery, marketing and self-promotion, sourcing materials, budgeting, and fee-setting.  A strong focus is placed on properly valuing the time and skills of artists and planning for a sustainable practice or career in the creative industries.

Workshops are delivered at City of Wyndham arts and community centres as part of council's spring programming.

The 2015 and 2016 cohorts of Activate participants included artists working in painting, photography, stone sculpture, felting, traditional dance, ceramics, and contemporary glass art.



Activate Workshop Program (Oct – Dec 2016) - Wyndham City Council 


My role: Co-creator / Workshop facilitator


In 2015, I worked with the Colour Box Studio Director to develop and deliver a mentoring program for emerging artists in Melbourne’s West.  I provided artists with training and advice to turn their artistic practice into engaging, contemporary and financially sustainable workshops.

In 2016 I delivered the second edition of Activate with a new group of participants and an expanded program.  I provided tailored advice for each individual artist, providing insight into competitors' offerings and marketing strategies.  I also helped artists to choose their own strategies for self-promotion, budget setting, and time-management.

I've loved collaborating with the Activate participants to develop their skills and opportunities for income, and enjoy ongoing relationships with them.